Batteries for photovoltaic installations
Optimize your solar energy with efficient batteries

Incorporating batteries into photovoltaic installations is not usually done for reasons of profitability, but to have energy independence , to have energy in areas where the electricity grid does not reach, or to guarantee the supply of energy in case there is network problems

If this is your case, you are in good hands. The battery systems we assemble are modular and of high quality. We base the storage systems with UPS function ( back-up ) on the solutions that the Dutch manufacturer Victron Energy offers us. All this implies that if there is a network cut, the customer would not be left without electricity.

In addition, during maintenance spots, we check the condition of the batteries and contact the manufacturer in case we notice any anomaly to activate their product warranty.

  • Energy storage
  • Optimized self-consumption
  • Reduction of dependence on the network
  • Stability of supply
  • Disaster resilience
  • Optimization of the electricity tariff
  • Long-term financial savings
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Energy independence
  • Maintenance of solar energy throughout the day


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